Find A Great Workout Coach By Posting On Facebook

I posted a status a few weeks ago on Facebook about losing weight and getting in shape. With the New Year approaching I was thinking about what my resolutions were going to be and how I was going to achieve them. I figured that posting on Facebook would help me find other friends that were also on the same path and friends that could give me advice about losing weight.

Within a few minutes of posting the status, I had a comment on it. A friend of mine posted and said she was a fitness coach and they could help me reach my goals. They went on about joining their team so I wanted to see what she was talking about. I didn’t know this friend of mine was a fitness trainer and the last time I saw her she didn’t look like she was in great shape. I went to her Facebook page to see if I could find any information about her workout program. She had some before and after pictures posted and she looked really great. That’s when I saw that she was a certified personal trainer. I had heard lots of stuff about personal trainers and how it has helped many people lose weight. I wanted to learn more about different certification levels so I started searching the Internet. I found several programs and feedback about the different programs that certify personal fitness trainers offers. I read lots of good things and some things that weren’t that great. Those negative things mostly seemed to say that the programs aren’t long enough or promise too much in a short period of change. I figured it would be a great way to get motivated because that is exactly what I would need.

I went back to my post on Facebook and told my friend I had sent her a PM about joining her team. It wasn’t long before she responded to my message and she told me how it all worked. I decided to join her team and I started after the new year. So far, everything is good and I am staying on track. My friend has been a very motivating workout coach and I feel like she is guiding me in the right direction. She is looking out for me and gives me goals to achieve daily. The workout plan is tough, but I am sticking in there. I want to get in the best shape that I can and I think I will be able to do it with this program. There are some really great recipes and other benefits to joining and I am loving that she has walked me through and shown me everything. She has a few different people on her team that she is getting in shape and we all agree that she is really great at what she does. I will stick with this program for as long as I can so I can get in the best shape possible.

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