What are the Side Effects Associated with Phenylethylamine

What would be the probable side effects of Phenylethylamine? The supplement has been popular for natural energy and mental concentration. It is an amino derivative that is popularly found in chocolate. Phenylethylamine plays an active role in neurochemistry. It signals cell receptors for promoting a sensation of alertness, mental acuity and focus. By stimulating the release of various key hormones, it lifts mood, boosts memory and speeds metabolism. There have been few negative effects because it is a stimulant. However, they would be easy to navigate and avoid in case, you have the requisite facts on how to make use of this product in a proper manner. Find below a quick breakdown of how Phenylethylamine would work and how you would maximize benefits without any considerable risk.

Why is it known as ‘The Love Drug’?

Phenylethylamine or PEA has often been referred to as the ‘love drug,’ as it creates a very specific and unique effect on the senses. Common symptoms felt by several people when falling in love has been associated with the supplement such as mental alertness, intense euphoria, high energy, coupled with pronounced heartbeat. These have been common Phenylethylamine effects. The sensations would be caused by a complex action of hormonal regulation.

Phenylethylamine immediately causes the release of B-endorphin, an opiod peptide that in turn causes the release of large amounts of dopamine and norepinephrine. This chemical rush has been deemed identical to the conditions, which accompany new love in humans. Feelings of increased libido would also accompany these chemicals. Funnily enough, trace amounts of Phenylethylamine in chocolate could also stimulate this same hormonal release, which would lend scientific credence to several people’s lustful connection to eating chocolate.

This chemical reaction could raise metabolism in cells. Phenylethylamine also enhances blood pressure by vasoconstriction. The combination could create the sensation of hyper-alert thoughts and extraordinary sensitivity to stimulus. The five senses would be activated and heightened. Heart rate would be elevated and general ‘fight or flight’ responses would be set in motion. The total sensory experience has been known to be similar to what most users of psychoactive drugs such as MDMA would feel.

In addition, not only does Phenylethylamine HCL prompt the release of Dopamine and Norepinephrine, it would also prevent the actions of transmitters that would block those hormones. The result would be a steady stimulation of Dopamine and Norepinephrine receptors. These similar qualities could become Phenylethylamine side effects in some people, specifically at high doses.

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